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Sound Medicine

Decision Sciences Medical is transforming Advanced Medical Imaging for diagnosing and managing injury and disease states with the Acoustic Coherent Tomography (ACT) imaging platform. With the ACT Platform, Decision Medical seeks to leverage the power of advanced coded wave forms, wide aperture imaging and Tomography to enable new possibilities for diagnosis, surgical planning, intraoperative guidance and postoperative monitoring.

Initial applications* for the ACT imaging platform are intended for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injury and disease states as well as providing real-time, non-ionizing image guidance for restorative therapies such as joint replacement and minimally invasive spine interventions.

*The system is not yet available for sale

Acoustic Coherent Tomography

Acoustic Coherent Tomography leverages unique waveforms that collect 1,000x more data than is possible from conventional ultrasound pulses. Proprietary algorithms process these data rich wave forms to produce tomographic images that focus to sub-wavelength scale throughout the field of view. This provides 2X depth of penetration when compared to conventional ultrasound wave forms. Unique 180-degree large aperture array transducer technology enables the collection of data from thousands of angles across the active aperture. The result is uncompromised image quality at all depths when imaging soft tissue or boney structures.


Uncompromised image quality without harmful radiation

Low Cost

Portable device with acquisition and ownership costs at a fraction of MRI and CT

Easy to use

Minimal training and technical operator requirements

Imaging Capability

Real time, wide aperture imaging of bone and soft tissue

Multi-Resolution Zoom

Reprocess regions of interest while maximizing detail and contrast resolution

1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D Modes

Supports traditional A-Mode, B-Mode, and doppler. 3D includes multi-slice capability. 4D includes vector doppler modes.

About Decision Sciences Medical

Sound Medicine is our passion, transforming medical imaging is our cause.

We believe that providing advanced imaging solutions for patients and care providers should not come with health risks, excessive costs, or be limited by where the technology can be used. The same imaging platform that diagnosis your condition should also be able to guide the therapy that treats it. As a result, Decision Sciences Medical is committed to providing care providers uncompromised imaging on a single imaging platform at the point of care throughout the musculoskeletal care continuum- Initial diagnosis, preoperative planning, intraoperative guidance and post-operative monitoring.

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