Executive Team

Jed Palmacci

Chief Executive Officer

Jed Palmacci brings over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, business development and general management within the medical device industry.  He has spent the last 14 years in early stage medical device companies in executive leadership roles. [Read more…]

Gary Albert

Chief Systems Engineer

Gary Albert brings a wealth of experience in electronic systems and test engineering to bear on the challenges of developing next generation medical ultrasound imaging solutions. His broad background in developing leading edge avionic systems, superconducting magnets and military radio systems provides him with the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of imaging ultrasound system design. In his tenure as [Read more…]

Dr. Allan Wegner

Chief Technology Officer

The design and origins of DSMC’s transformational ultrasound technology originate from extensive research undertaken by Dr. Allan Wegner, DSMC’s Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Wegner is a noted scientist in both the life sciences and defense electronics industries. He has a successful track record of developing and commercializing novel technology products. As an innovator and technologist, he has conceived, developed, manufactured and fielded advanced sensors [Read more…]

Paul Bartholomew

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Bartholomew is an operationally oriented CFO with broad experience including Big Four accounting, fortune 500, early stage start-ups and the world’s largest diamond grader. He has a successful track record of strategic planning, raising capital, developing strong relationships with investors and bankers, managing cash runways, budgeting, forecasting, developing solid internal controls and is known as a team builder. Over his career his passion has gravitated to early stage start-up [Read more…] 

James Hayes

Chief Engineer

James Hayes is an expert in high performance embedded system design and implementation. Recruited to join DSMC from Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC), Mr. Hayes serves as the Chief Engineer at DSMC. At DSIC Mr. Hayes  developed the embedded firmware and updates for the prototype passive SNM detector, contributed to its physics simulation and analysis systems, and was the lead designer of the next generation MMPDS prototype embedded systems. [Read more…]

Dr. Peter Lam

Electromagnetic Scattering & Algorithm Development

Dr. Peter Lam brings extensive experience in electromagnetic scattering and algorithm development in object detection, identification, and classification to his role at DSMC. Prior to joining the DSMC team, Dr. Lam developed algorithms for object detection and classification in Muon Tomography for Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC). He also developed a robust statistical approach to gamma detection for DSIC. In a successful career spanning thirty years, [Read more…]

Dr. Dustin E. Kruse

Chief Scientist

Dr. Kruse researches and develops disruptive technologies in the ultrasound imaging and therapy space. An expert in ultrasound and medical imaging, Dr. Kruse serves as Chief Scientist at DSMC developing algorithms, signal processing and image processing for SonicHD. Prior to joining DSMC, Dr. Kruse held a research faculty position at the University of California, Davis where he worked closely with internal and outside agencies [Read more…]

Dr. David C. Dobson

Applied Mathematics

Dr. David Dobson is an applied mathematician with over twenty years of research experience in wave propagation, inverse problems, and scientific computation. His research has focused on both the practical and the theoretical aspects of recovering information about inhomogeneous media from observations of wave propagation data. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, among other agencies.  [Read more…]